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China Journey

The ultimate learning experience of the third-year engineering students at Group T - International Engineering School - University of Leuven is no doubt the China Journey. Each year the majority of these students travel to China for two weeks. Group T's partner universities in China are closely involved in the project. They not only take care of accommodation on the campus but also offer a hearty welcome. Also the Chinese students studying at Group T and the Confucius Institute at Group T play an important role in the success of the Journey.

Our China-trippers are now at ...

times in UTC+8 (China) unless marked otherwise
Group (2) EA
Thu, 17 Apr 10:30-14:45[UTC+1]   flight Beijing-Frankfurt See location on map (BeiJing-Frankfurt)
17:25[UTC+1]-18:20[UTC+1]   Flight Frankfurt - Brussels See location on map (Frankfurt-Brussels)
Group (3) EM ChengDu
Thu, 17 Apr 11:05-15:20[UTC+2]   flight BeiJing-Amsterdam See location on map Route Track (BeiJing-Amsterdam)
15:20[UTC+2]-18:00[UTC+2]   bus Amsterdam-Leuven See location on map Route (Amsterdam-Leuven)
20:00[UTC+2]-20:00[UTC+2]   Arrival Groep T, campus Vesalius See location on map (Leuven)

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EM ChengDu GPS tracking

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Diary reports (semi-live!)
31/03: verjaardag in china
15/04: Railway company visit
11/04: Orchestra / premaman
11/04: Miele
11/04: The dirt road...
14/04: Chinese acrobatie
11/04: Creatieve voorgevel....
13/04: De 4 groepen samen
13/04: The great wall
13/04: Beijing duck
12/04: Hot Pot
10/04: On the road
11/04: Xilinx groepsfoto
10/04: Up up up, and down again.
10/04: ShangHai too
10/04: ShangHai tower
10/04: selfie
10/04: 4 towers
07/04: Coal: firing up the count...
09/04: Life as it is EA
09/04: Exhausting trip
09/04: Gelukkige verjaardag Eva ...
09/04: Eva has reached the top
09/04: Top of Mount Huashan
08/04: Moslimwijk in xi'an

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04-15 [EA;BeiJing]

04-11 [EMcd;ShangHai]

04-11 [EMcd;ShangHai]

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